How to make shopping more comfortable for customers

September 14, 2021
How to make shopping more comfortable for customers

The holiday shopping season begins around Thanksgiving and continues at a frenzied pace for about a month. Across the country, billions of dollars will be spent on gifts, entertaining and decor. Various businesses can increase their profits if they make an effort to make shopping more consumer-friendly.

According to a survey from LivePerson, a global leader in conversational AI, two out of three consumers were planning to do most of their 2020 holiday shopping online due to the pandemic. Welcoming those shoppers back to stores may mean making some changes designed to make shopping more comfortable and convenient.

Offer special shopping hours. The pandemic opened retailers’ eyes to the needs of certain shopping demographics, including the elderly. Navigating packed stores can be stressful for people with mobility issues or special needs. Over the last several years, select Target stores have opened their doors a little earlier on certain days for individuals with autism, and also dimmed the lights and music to create a sensory-friendly environment. Other stores may want to follow suit, offering key shopping hours or days for those who can benefit from smaller crowds.

Offer in-store and online capabilities. Though many consumers now feel better about shopping safely in stores, there are some who still may prefer the perks of curbside pickup or delivery capabilities. LivePerson’s survey shed light on some common consumer concerns when shopping online, which included asking questions about products, finding products and services, and finding revelant promotions. Businesses can utilize conversational commerce experiences, including chat options, to enable customers to interact online with greater efficiency and convenience.
• Run a holiday giveaway. Attract customers and make the shopping experience more fun by using a social media platform to advertise a holiday giveaway. Customers who are spending a lot of money will appreciate getting something for free.

Create a welcoming atmosphere. Here is where small businesses can really shine over larger corporations. The sights and the smells of the holidays are often magnified in cozy environments. Offer coffee or hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies to customers when they enter the store. Set up a soft sofa where shoppers can rest during shopping sprees.

• Offer generous return policies. Some gifts simply will not be the right fit. Ensure that shoppers, whether they purchased online or in person, can return or exchange gifts with ease.

Offer free gift-wrapping. Time-strapped shoppers will appreciate the efficiency of having gifts wrapped right on the spot. This is an ideal job for a teenager or an older worker looking to make some seasonal cash.

Small businesses can help solidify repeat customers by making the holiday shopping experience convenient, comfortable and friendly. GG219218

SOCIAL MEDIA TEXT: Welcoming those shoppers back to stores may mean making some changes designed to make shopping more comfortable and convenient.

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