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With almost everyone active on social media, you won’t want to miss out on taking advantage of all of the marketing opportunities that come along with it. There are tons of different platforms on social media but read below for some specifics on a couple of the most popular ones.

1 Billion

Daily users on Facebook

200 Million

Monthly users on Instagram

3.196 Billion

Social media users in 2018

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We can create and manage Facebook advertising for your company, and you will see an increase in your website traffic. Facebook is also a great way to reach potential new customers, as a huge number of people use Facebook.

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Though newer, there are also many potential customers on Instagram. Don’t overlook the reach of social media! We can help you get ahead of your competitors by creating and managing an Instagram account for your business. Since Instagram is such a visual platform, you can use this to your advantage and ensure that people are seeing your brand!

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Any type of social media presence is going to make your company grow faster and receive more business than companies who don’t utilize social media. Social media makes it easier for you to keep in contact with and update customers, or to gain new ones. Stay ahead of the game, and make sure that you’re keeping up with all social media. Or even better, let us do that for you!

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