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Three tips to start your own business and thrive

Thriving in business requires perseverance, audacity, passion and, of course, a lot of hard work. In spite of the challenge, more and more women are choosing to start their own…Read More

Social entrepreneurship: the future of global business

Here’s a look at social entrepreneurship, an increasingly popular approach to business innovation. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP A social enterprise develops and applies business solutions to a variety of social problems ranging…Read More

What small businesses should know about measuring their digital performance

If your business has a website, maintains a social media presence and uses online marketing campaigns, it’s important that you take full advantage of all data regarding traffic, click-through rates…Read More

The benefits of creating a business blog

Not sure whether a blog can help your business? Here are some arguments that are sure to convince you of the merits of this approach to marketing. A blog is…Read More

Get the most out of your website

The internet has steadily become a virtual storefront where companies and self-employed workers can display their products and services. A well conceived website that’s rich in content allows your business…Read More

Strategies to help small and medium-sized businesses grow

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force of our country’s economy, and as such, their growth and prosperity are of the utmost priority.There are four main strategies that…Read More

5 reasons to have a website for your small business

If you own a small business, having a website is vital to its success. Here are five reasons you should create a website for your company. 1. GAIN VISIBILITY Websites…Read More

Does your company use social networks?

One of the best ways to create a buzz on a Facebook page is to ask fun questions — the kind that get people sharing and talking. We therefore thought…Read More

Navigating tech choices for school use

Technology is essential in the daily lives of students. Whether it’s kids learning their ABC’s or graduate students pursuing advanced degrees, technology has transformed the way lessons are taught and…Read More

Crowdfunding model for raising money

Fundraising is one of the primary ways charitable organizations meet their operating costs and fund their missions. Fundraising has come a long way since the days of direct mailers, cold…Read More


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