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Navigating tech choices for school use

Technology is essential in the daily lives of students. Whether it’s kids learning their ABC’s or graduate students pursuing advanced degrees, technology has transformed the way lessons are taught and…Read More

Crowdfunding model for raising money

Fundraising is one of the primary ways charitable organizations meet their operating costs and fund their missions. Fundraising has come a long way since the days of direct mailers, cold…Read More

How to conserve mobile data to save money

Anyone with a smartphone is familiar with data plans. In fact, data may be more important to consumers than their phone minutes, as making phone calls has taken a backseat…Read More

How businesses can get more out of social media

Social media has changed the world in myriad ways, and that impact is likely to grow in coming years. In its report titled “Social Media Trends to Watch in 2017,”…Read More

Supporting a charity can benefit small businesses

Small businesses are continually seeking ways to compete in ever-competitive markets. While they often fill a niche not easily met by larger corporations, small businesses sometimes find it difficult to…Read More

Top ways to increase productivity at work and beyond

In today’s competitive job market, individuals need to channel all possible assets to get ahead. Working more efficiently and improving productivity can be an advantage to anyone. Despite the technological…Read More

What is a business plan?

Businesses large and small can benefit from drafting business plans before beginning operations. A business plan is a description of a business’ projected future, and this document will spell out…Read More

Tips for students as graduation approaches

Graduation season can be an exciting time for college students. As their time on campus draws to a close, students may be anxious to put their education to use and…Read More

Why startups need business plans

Great ideas often inspire people to start a business. But ideas alone don’t make a business. Startup founders will likely need to develop a business plan to get their ideas…Read More

The role of security when using social media

Social media is a significant part of daily life for people across the globe. According to the 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite, more…Read More

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