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The role of security when using social media

Social media is a significant part of daily life for people across the globe. According to the 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite, more…Read More

Factors to consider before buying your next gadget

Gadgets are everywhere. Whether they’re devices like e-readers and smartphones or wearable fitness devices that help athletes track their performance, gadgets can be found anywhere and are used by people…Read More

How to hone your time managment skills

Ours is a busy society where everyone is moving from place to place quite rapidly, whether at school, home or work. As a result, many people may feel that there…Read More

How to manage your company’s online reputation

Today’s small business owners face unique challenges that businesspeople of yesteryear never had to confront. While the internet has made it possible for even the smallest businesses to have a…Read More

How VPNs protect you

Internet privacy is a priority for businesses and private citizens alike. Personal data is shared online every day, making the internet a prime target for cyber criminals. Mass hacking scandals…Read More

How to sanitize a mobile phone

The most germ-addled item in your home may not be the toilet or the kitchen sponge. Mobile phones pick up bacteria wherever they go. In addition, users touch their phones…Read More

Recommendations for screen time

Computers, tablets, smartphones, and gaming systems have revolutionized popular culture and the way people engage with one another. Devices also have transformed the way people live in their homes. Cisco’s…Read More

Electronics may have surprising effects on health

According to the latest annual visual networking index forecast from Cisco, there will be four networked devices and connections per person across the globe by 2021. While there is no…Read More

Factors to consider before starting a business

Factors to consider before starting a business (415 words, US, UK, CAN) Owning a business is a goal for many professionals. Being self-employed and having final say over business decisions…Read More

How to conduct a small business risk assessment

Deciding to be an independent entrepreneur or open up a small business can be an important decision in a person’s life. Even though each day is filled with new surprises…Read More

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