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Identifying good business ideas and locations

If home ownership is the most popular dream for billions of people across the globe, starting a business and becoming your own boss may be close on its heels. Going…Read More

How digital tech has leveled the business playing field

Small businesses have historically had an uphill battle when competing with large corporations. Deeper pockets meant large businesses simply had more capital to devote to advertising and marketing. However, thanks…Read More

Statistics show just how big small business is

Small businesses have such a big impact on their communities, and the world at large, that it might be time to reconsider refering to them as “small.” According to the…Read More

Protect yourself and your business from ransomware

Few things can compromise a network as quickly and effectively as ransomware, a type of malware that can hold data hostage until a ransom is paid to restore access. In…Read More

Marketing strategies for small business owners

Small businesses are the backbones of many local communities. Such businesses have helped to revitalize many communities and may benefit communities in ways that would surprise even the most ardent…Read More

Why it pays to back up your computer

Computers are such an integral part of everyday life that it’s hard to recall how uncommon they were as recently as 30 years ago. Data about computer use has been…Read More

The traits of good leaders and how you can gain skills for success on the job

Successful leaders have the skills to guide organizations on the right path. Such men and women are often the first up for promotions, and routinely relied on for critical projects.…Read More

Essential things you can do to prevent Internet crime

When it comes to cybercrime, borders mean nothing to criminals and every Internet user is a potential target for money scams, anonymous threats and identity theft. Prevention is key, and…Read More

Three tips to start your own business and thrive

Thriving in business requires perseverance, audacity, passion and, of course, a lot of hard work. In spite of the challenge, more and more women are choosing to start their own…Read More

Social entrepreneurship: the future of global business

Here’s a look at social entrepreneurship, an increasingly popular approach to business innovation. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP A social enterprise develops and applies business solutions to a variety of social problems ranging…Read More


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